Shoot the ball Nate!

When Nate Robinson was acquired from the Knicks he was billed as a guy who could shoot like Eddie House, but also had the ability to handle the ball (so teams couldn't press him). He also could drive to the hoop and many fans were looking for an Eddie House version 2.0. What really made Eddie House who he was on the court was his quick trigger and no conscience gunning. Not everyone can get away with that, but that was Eddie's role.  Nate Robinson is a fantastic shooter, but I feel like he's been too conservative out there on offense.

Maybe Nate wants to prove to skeptics that he can run a team like a point guard, but right now we don't need that. Whenever House was open you best believed that shot was going up. Nate passes on way too many open 3's in my opinion. I'm constantly left saying, "Eddie so would have shot that." Guys like Eddie House and Ray Allen need to shoot the 3 whenever they're left open. It's not being selfish. It's a high percentage shot for them. The same should apply for Nate Robinson.

If Nate tries on defense he can be somewhat disruptive, but he'll always be a below average defender and offensively he doesn't have the court vision to be a true point guard. His bread and butter is his shot. We need for Nate to stop passing on open 3's. Often those possessions end up with a guy like Tony Allen taking a poor shot or someone being called for a charge. Lester Hudson made the same mistake on the Celtics. He tried to adjust his game and become a "point guard." Even Stephon Marbury became way too tentative as a Celtic (and his jumper is nowhere near as strong as Nate's). Nate, you're  a shooter, a gunner if you will (sorry David Stern). Do what made you you. Do what Eddie would do. Shoot the ball.