NBA Ramblings- June 1st

These Finals would be great for the Celtics to make up for 1985 or 1987.  In '85, Boston had homecourt advantage, but lost in 6 in the first year of the 2-3-2 format.  Many argue had the format remained in the traditional 2-2-1-1-1 setup (which personally I feel it should; it's inexplicable that you play 82 games for the best record in basketball to have a chance to play pivotal Game 5 on the road) that the Celts would've won.  In '87 the Flakers prevailed in 6, a big reason being the Celtics' bench was pretty much the worst of the Bird era.  Michael Cooper and Mychael Thompson were a huge advantage.  This year the Celtics have the better bench and don't have homecourt.  Hopefully they can win that Larry O'Brien trophy, so I won't be quite as bitter regarding those 2 seasons.......Speaking of Larry O'Brien, why the hell is the trophy named after him?  All he did as commissioner was set up pro basketball to be a total failure.  Cocaine abuse was at an all-time high and Finals games were on tape delay.  When David Stern took over it's like Bill Simmons said, going from Single A to the Majors.  I understand O'Brien passed away in 1990 but the trophy was named after him in 1984.  If it's going to be named after Larry O'Brien, why not just name it after Caldwell Jones.