How Many Times Will Jay Bilas Say "Wingspan"?

 Say it with me: "wing-spaaaan"

It's that time ladies and gentlemen, the NBA draft.  Where we're sure to be graced by Jay Bilas.  Figured we oughta get an idea on the consensus out there of how many times Bilas will say "wingspan" during the draft?

There's 60 players actually selected, and there will be more players discussed in between picks.

I'm thinking he's going to get between 10-14 wingspan references out there.  I was tempted to goto 15-16 but it's a tough call.

The over/under is 8 for all you compulsive gamblers.  I believe that line doesn't include terms like "length," or "long."  Perhaps Jay's cognizant of this internet sensation and will cautiously select his vernacular to throw us all off.

PS: Any volunteers who will be watching the entire draft who can keep track?  Otherwise I'll DVR-it.