The dream has come true

This is it. The time has come. The NBA finals are here. It's the Celtics against the Lakers. Game 1. All season I have looked for epic battles to fire up the fans, illustrated features of our players to portray how lucky we are to be part of the best team in sports...I want to write about Glen Davis and his completely uncommon game that can give us an edge over the Lakers, I want to write about Garnett's legacy and prowess and about Paul Pierce's historical match-ups against Ron Artest. I would like to be able to describe Rajon Rondo's rise since game 6 of the 2008 Finals, about Rasheed Wallace's third trip into the Finals and his positive history against LA. I would be so glad to tell you about Ray Allen's good luck charm, his vital resurrection in this playoffs and about his mother being such a good luck charm.

The truth is, I have no words. We are about to witness greatness, a dream come true and all I am able to do is to leave my fingers off the keyboard, fix my eyes on the screen and be a part of this incredible moment. I cannot talk, I cannot write, I cannot think properly right now. All I want is to open the gift that is waiting to be unwrapped. I feel like a kid in Christmas, like a shout waiting to be thrown out into the wind.

To all Celtics fans around the world, from Boston to Melbourne, from Poland to Argentina, from California to the state of Massachusetts: this is the best sports scenario ever. We are part of Red Auerbach, Larry Bird, Bill Russell and John Havlicek. We will all remember these days in our hearts, we will cherish these moments for the rest of our lives.

So just sit in your sofa, wear your Celtics green and enjoy the ride. Next stop: Glory, legend and victory. The end of the journey is the 18th NBA championship. Let's go and get it. For the players, for the coaches, for the fans and for the history of the best franchise in the history of sports. Let's win, guys. Go C's!!!!!