Trade Dan Shaughnessy to Cleveland please!

Dan Shaughnessy has been my least favorite Boston sportswriter for more years than I can remember. His whole schtick is writing hate columns and trying to tear down Boston Sports heroes. The only time I ever saw "Shank/CHB/Hack/Insert any of a dozen nicknames he has" was in 2004 prior to a Sox/Yankees playoff game. I saw him from a distance and didn't know what to say (or whether to punch him in his curls), so my reaction was simply to yell, "There's Dan Shaughnessy, the biggest Yankees fan alive." See he roots for Boston teams to fail and Boston stars to tumble. He tried to make a career over the fictitious "Curse of the Bambino" and was devastated when the Red Sox finally won. Today he took things to a new level in his Boston Globe piece, "No mistaking it; He loves Cleveland."  By "he" he's not referring to Lebron James, he's referring to himself in his finest Ricky Henderson moment. Here are some of his jewels in this POS column.

You'll have to read the entire column to get the full gist of his Cleveland ball washing (which I also took as a disrespect on Boston in contrast). I guess that's why the Globe keeps him on staff. People will read his stuff just to see what nonsense he's spewing today. He's the Perez Hilton of sportswriters. He ends the column with the following:
I picked the Celtics to upset the Cavaliers in this conference semifinal. Cleveland’s Game 1 victory Saturday night does not change my mind. Boston led by 11 points in the third quarter. The Cavaliers looked vulnerable, especially considering that they were playing at home, where they are 74-8 over the last two regular seasons.

But I hope they make it. Cleveland fans deserve a champion. They’ve been the butt of jokes for too long. And despite everything you’ve heard and read, this is a great town.
Don't you love when your hometown writers root openly for the opposition?