Tim Donaghy interviewed on the Celtic Pride show

Tim Donaghy was on the Celtic Pride radio network this past Saturday. His interview starts around the 20 minute mark. While I believe a lot of what he has claimed since he got busted, I would prefer a few more specifics. As in specific names of specific referees and office personnel who sent directives, memos, and emails instructing referees to not call fouls on certain players and to permit a team to win a game to extend a series. In this interview he uses the example of the 2002 Sacramento Kings getting screwed by the refs in Game 6 versus the Lakers as the prime example of NBA influence. Donaghy also claims the NBA wants a Kobe/Lebron Finals this year and will do their all to make it happen.

I was pretty shocked at how little press the NBA gambling scandal received in comparison to the MLB steroid scandal (personally I believe refs altering the outcomes of games is worse than players juicing) and I believe a more thorough independent investigation of the league is needed. I also believe the NBA needs a legitimate performance enhancing drug testing program (Don't repeat the mistakes of baseball). With that said, please don't anyone use this interview to complain every single game that the NBA is out to get the Celtics, that the refs are all crooked, and that the only reason the Celtics are ever losing/lose a game is because of Stern and the refs. Even with robotic refs the Celtics would not have gone 82-0. Live Stream interview after the jump.