Thanks Wes Matthews, for Ruining My Night

He got fouled off a rebound and only made one of two free throws, putting Utah up 3 instead of 4 in a crucial late game situation.  Then he missed a tip in at the buzzer that would've won the game, pretty much the exact same tip in that Gasol made to beat the Thunder in Game 6.  Thanks Wes Matthews for ruining my night, and  for pretty much guaranteeing the Flakers a sweep in this series. (Why Sloan had Matthews in down the stretch  over CJ Miles is beyond me.  I understand Miles had 5 fouls but when your season's on the line the better player should be in there with  under 2 minutes to go).

I fully expect the Flakers to sweep Utah and then if they play Phoenix to sweep them too.  Unless the Spurs can win 4 straight.  Thanks again to the Buffoon for gift-wrapping Gasol to them for nothing.  In case you forgot the 2005, 06 and 07 Flakers missed the playoffs, and got knocked out in round one twice.

Lastly hope everyone enjoyed Tirico's extra-slobbering over the Flakers tonight.  Is he employed by lal?  I thought you're supposed to be unbiased in your opinion, you scandalous, Orangeman dipshit.