Silly Rumor: Doc & LeBron to Chicago

According to a rumor started at AOL Fanhouse, both Celtics' coach, Doc Rivers, and LeBron James will be heading to Chicago after the season. When asked if this is true, Doc told WEEI, “It’s the first time I’ve heard it, but no. That’s silly."
It's obviously a "silly" idea. The Fanhouse article cites Doc's Chicago heritage as a reason for the move. Illogically, it also points to Doc's contemplation of retirement as reason for him to move to another team:
"He keeps saying that, if he decides to continue as an NBA coach, he wants to stay with the Celtics. Otherwise, he keeps saying that he'll return to the Orlando area, where he'll enjoy retirement at 48...


We're back to that cliché that goes, 'I want to spend more time with my family,' which roughly means, 'There is something else going on in my life that I don't wish to discuss.'"
The reasons for LeBron to go to Chicago are obvious, but Rivers is more than a stretch. He's coaching a championship contender right now and if he's going to continue his career, he's made it clear it would be with Boston. The article lists the reason for the superstar and coach to come together as, "James loves Rivers' coaching style, and that was even before the Celtics shocked his Cavaliers in the second round of the playoffs this year."

The playoffs aren't even over and already the crazy LeBron rumors start.

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