On Cloud 9

Did you watch last night's game? Did you see Rajon Pierre Rondo rack up 29 points, dish out 13 dimes and grab 18 boards? If you didn't, you must feel like a fool.

Last night's performance was on an almost subhuman level. Only two players before R2 have put up numbers like that in an NBA game. Two. One was Wilt Chamberlain, who once scored 100 points in a game and the other was Oscar Robertson, who once averaged a triple-double in a full season. Not Bird. Not Magic. Not Jordan. Not Kobe. Not LeBron. Just "The Big Dipper", "The Big O" and now Rajon "Ragin" Rondo. If you watched last night, you were watching Celtic history and, indeed, NBA history. Nothing more, nothing less.

Last night, Rajon Rondo carried the Boston Celtics. No matter what happens in this series (which, by the way, we could still win, provided Rondo has games like Game 4), Boston will have Rajon Rondo to build around when the Big Three is no longer there. He will be able to carry them if he just puts his mind to it. That was pretty obvious after last night. The future, my friends, is looking very, very bright.