NBA Ramblings- May 4th

So after teasing us with Iron Man 2 and inundating us with Avatar going onto DVD, the NBA has now started mixing their playoff commercials with the new The Karate Kid movie.  Talk about running out of ideas for film and regurgitating things from the past.  Pat Morita is rolling around in his grave with the release of that movie.  And what's with new movies taking on the exact same name as old movies?  They can't think of anything new to add to the title to distinguish it from the original?  The new A Nightmare on Elm Street is, you guessed it, called A Nightmare on Elm Street, the same as the original.......Anyone see the TNT commercial preview for Suns-Spurs, which shows the Robert Horry clip where he confronted Steve Nash several years back?  I wonder if Robert Horry, who retired from the NBA and as you could tell from the Celebrity Game during All Star weekend has spent all his spare time at Steak 'n Shake, feels about seeing himself in current commercials looking so trim.......Seriously if the Cavs are that concerned that LeBron's going to leave, why not just move the franchise to Akron?  They dragged the entire team there for the past 2 seasons for LeBron's MVP trophy presentation.  Really is it that far-fetched, especially if the Clippers were rumored to give LeBron the opportunity to select the head coach and general manager?  I don't think it is.......Speaking of the Cavs as much as I dislike them, if they somehow beat the Celtics I'll be cheering like hell for them the rest of the way, sort of like the Pistons in '88 and '89.  I don't think the Magic have the guts to beat the Flakers, who will be in the Finals unless the Spurs' Dejuan Blair can grow 4 inches over the next 2 weeks.