Magic Win Game 5, Force a Game 6

After taking a 3-0 series lead, the Magic have now won the last 2 games.
  • First off, does Mike Breen get paid per game?  How else do you explain his over-the-top play calling of this game for the Magic?  His enthusiasm was through the roof for the Magic in the first quarter.  This was extra-annoying.
  • Orlando hit five 3's in the first quarter, never a good sign.  They hit 4 more in the second quarter for 9 at the half.  Remember: they win 80% of the games they hit 10 or more.
  • Incredible that Perkins was called for a foul on that play against Howard, let alone a second technical.  Him getting ejected in the 2nd quarter is a disgrace to basketball.  Furthermore that's his 7th technical.  If it's not rescinded (which I assume it will be) he'll get suspended a playoff game.  Inevitably it looks like he'll get a game's suspension in the Finals if they make it there.
  • Have I mentioned how horrendous the halftime show is?  Can't Stuart Scott, Jon Barry and Cheesy Johnson be asked to leave?
  • Scary play for Glen Davis in the 3rd quarter after taking yet another elbow from Dwight Howard.  He suffered a concussion.
  • Still waiting for Nate Robinson to win a playoff game.  His block at the end of the 3rd quarter was nice but they could've used some more offense from him.
  • Marquis Daniels also suffered a concussion from banging into Marcin Gortat.  No word on whether Gortat wears the same metal plate Clint Eastwood wore in A Fistful of Dollars.
It seemed every time Boston needed a stop they couldn't get one.  All the "50-50 balls" seemed to go Orlando's way.  Boston seems really out of sync.  Suddenly KG can't get up and defend Lewis anymore.  All of Orlando's plays find the right guy for the right shot.  And they've been getting some fortuitous bounces of the ball leading to backbreaking shots late in the shot clock.

Boston better figure out how to defend these consecutive staggered screens which are really throwing them off.  Game 6 must be looked at as the Game 7.  If this series goes 7, I don't think they win.  The Celtics' season is suddenly on the verge of the greatest meltdown in NBA playoff history.  Win Game 6, and no one remembers the two losses in Games 4 and 5.  Lose Game 6, and I'm thinking back to the Utah-Denver second round series of 1994 when the Jazz won the first 3, lost the next 3 and then pulled it out in Game 7.  But the Jazz were at home and the Celtics will be on the road if it comes to that.  It'll be important to get up early and maintain that level of play.

Who knows if Perkins, Davis or Marquis will be playing next game.  Game 3 seems like a year ago.  It's unbelievable how much this series changed.  I'm suddenly petrified at the thought of losing the next game.