Disappointed With The Fans

Let me start off by saying I'm not blaming the TD Garden's fans for the Celtics piss-poor performance yesterday.  I'm not even upset by the fans booing like they did.  But I am really perturbed with how the fans seemed so disinterested in this pivotal Game 3 from the tip yesterday, even before the Cavs blew the game open.

I understand this regular season was a colossal disappointment; no reason to rehash that topic.  But here we are in the midst of the postseason, after the Celtics came up with a monumental Game 2 win and the crowd had about as much energy to start the game as they did for a February contest vs the Knicks.

I've watched a bunch of playoff games this season.  Utah's fans are always great.  So are Portland's.  Oklahoma City's were through the roof.  I'm having a tough time figuring out if there's been a quieter home arena this playoffs than Boston's.  I wish Craig Sager would bring his noise decimal meter with him to every arena and keep track of which arena's highest volume is the lowest in the league.  I'd wager to say it's the Celtics in this year's playoffs.  Their crowd has resembled Philadelphia's from last season's playoffs.

You play 82 games to get one extra home game in the playoffs.  The Celtics flat-out stole that with their impressive Game 2 performance.  The fans should've been stoked.  Maybe the 4 day lay off took the momentum out of the series.  Maybe Celtics fans are just not expecting much from this team (like the 2004 bunch) and therefore aren't into cheering their asses off.  Or maybe they're still pissed off from the failure of the regular season.  Whatever the case may be, a home arena in the NBA playoffs is supposed to juice its team up.  Like the Boston fans did in 2008 vs the Hawks and Lakers.  Or in 2003 like they did vs the Pacers.  Yesterday was an unacceptable performance by the C's.  But the fans oughta be ashamed with how lethargic they were right  from the start.