The Delonte West & Lebron's mom rumor is bogus

Before one more person asks me about it, the whole Delonte West is sleeping with Lebron's mother and that's why Lebron sucked against the Celtics rumor is completely bogus. The gun toting, KFC rapping West is not having sexual relations with Lebron's mom. Boobie Gibson might be though... j/k. The site that made up the "exclusive" rumor is just trying to become a wannabe Perez Hilton. They have no sources, "exclusive" or otherwise. It's like if I started a rumor that Kobe was sleeping with Shaq's dad or something? Ridiculous. Nothing to see here, except for this awesome photoshop. Basically this post was more or less just an excuse to post this pic. My bad. Btw I'm considering making CelticsLife a "Lebron Free Zone" very soon. Tickle Me Elbow proved to be a choking hazard and he's old news. The Celtics quest for #18 should be the hot topic.