Could the Celtics make a play for Chris Bosh?

Very premature talk I know, but with Chris Bosh making waves on twitter, it is an interesting topic to consider (especially while the C's are on a little Spring Break between Games 2 and 3). Bosh is the most likely big time free agent to switch teams. First he asked his twitter followers where he should go? Then yesterday he switched his location from Toronto to "Everywhere." I expect his next move to be changing his location to "Anywhere, but Toronto." The Celtics don't have the cap space to sign any decent free agent let alone a max guy. Lebron and Wade aren't coming here. That leaves Joe Johnson and Chris Bosh as sign and trade possibilities. The Celtics have only four legitimate trade-able assets to bargain with in a sign and trade deal (Toronto and Bosh both are looking for a sign and trade; Bosh to make more money and Toronto to at least get something). Those assets are Rondo (not going anywhere), the 19 pick, Ray in a sign and trade. and Kendrick Perkins. 

Now I'm one of Kendrick's biggest supporters. His defense is very underrated and while a faulty stat there's a reason he often leads the Celtics in +/-  But to get something you have to give something and the chance to partner the 26 year old Bosh with Rajon Rondo needs to be explored. The rumor we've heard for a few months now is a sign and trade of Bosh to the Lakers for Andrew Bynum. Personally I think Perkins is in the same caliber of young centers as Bynum and with Ray as a kicker, the Celtics deal should win out. The Raptors would get their tough center to pair with Bargnani and get a starting shooting guard in Ray Allen.

KG would switch over to the center spot (most power forwards eventually become centers when they lose a step) and Bosh would play the 4. Celtics could sign a younger shooting guard with the MLE, another athletic player at #19, and consider your Celtics rebuilt (without the 20 year process). Rondo and Bosh would be a terrific duo for many years keeping the Celtics in the NBA elite and when KG and Pierce move on, a third star could be added. Paul, Ray, and KG are all in their mid 30's and on the decline (still very good though). This would be a chance to not make Rondo suffer as the lone star for so many years like Pierce did. So would you want Chris Bosh on the Celtics?