Celtics vs Lakers: Facebook Battle continues

Hey Celtics fans!

So Lakers fans have been talking even more smack lately as we gear up to beat them again in the Finals. We're calling all Celtics fans to help shut their obnoxious mouths.

Right now CelticsLife (http://www.facebook.com/celticslife) has 13,138 fans, which is great, but The Lakers Nation (http://www.facebook.com/thelakersnation) has 19,158 fans.

Lakers fans claim that Celtics fans can't compete. That there are many more Lakers fans out there. Just like Doc had faith in the team, I believe that Celtics fans can overtake the Lakers fans in this battle. We need your help though.  You've shown your support for the C's. Now encourage your friends to do the same. Just go to the fan page (http://www.facebook.com/celticslife) and

❶➡Click 'Suggest to Friends' (under our logo)
❷➡ Highlight friends
❸➡ Click 'send invitations'

Encourage other Celtics fans to do the same. Show Fakers Nation that the Celtics have the best fans. Go C's!

p.s. If you root for the Celtics and for some bizarre reason you are not a fan yet, just go to the page and click:  

Thanks to the following VIP Celtics fans for "suggesting" CelticsLife to their friends on facebook: 
Pete Harcott, Terry Coleman, Omoyo Hodge, Ollie Olivenza, Ryan Trenh, Ryan Welsh and Ryan Kaul.