Celtics Kick-Ass

When did the Celtics become so good again? They are now 10-3 in the playoffs (against teams that have featured Dwyane Wade, Lebron "Tickle Me Elbow" James, And Dwight "I make unfunny halftime spots" Howard). This after playing five hundred ball for the majority of the season. They've won 5 in a row including the last two in Orlando (after Orlando had just won 27 out of their last 30 games). They look better than their 2008 counterparts and have become a joy to watch after such an apathetic regular season campaign. Lots can still happen, but saying the Celtics are the team to beat now is not some homer talk. Even Stan Van Gundy says they can't stop them, and this is a Celtics team known for their defense. D12 might claim to be Superman, but the guys in green are the ones that seem to have whipped out their capes. Give it up to Doc and the Celtics. 6 more to go.

The pic of the Celtics superheroes on the right is originally from Mike Briggs's Halloween pic. Check out his stuff here.