Celtics Hammer Cavs for Big Game 2 Road Win

Deja Vu in this one, as the Celtics built a 13 point lead in the first half of Game 2 tonight vs the Cavs.  However unlike last time, Boston was able to maintain it's play en route to104-86 victory.
  • Celtics built the 13 point lead in the 2nd quarter.  The bench consisting of Rasheed Wallace, Tony Allen, Michael Finley and Glen Davis, along with Rajon Rondo, was the group that made the run from late 1st into the 2nd quarter.  
    • Rasheed was 5-5 from the field including 3-3 on 3 pointers, for 13 points to lead the C's in first half scoring.
  • I thought the Celtics were in trouble in this one when their lead was only 4 at the half despite Boston shooting 51% from the field and 6-10 on 3s.  The problem?  10 turnovers certainly didn't help (although Cleveland had 7) but the real factor was the fouls.  Boston was called for 16 first half fouls compared to only 4 by Cleveland.  That lead to 13-18 from the foul line for the Cavs while the Celtics were just 4-5.  If those numbers are a little more similar, the Celtics might pull this one out.
  • I rag on Rondo sometimes because his lack of a jump shot I feel hurts the offense.  But I really need to lay off him on that.  He's fantastic out there, a pure point guard who can really control the tempo of a game.  He had 12 assists in the first half and really put his fingerprints on the game.  He continued that dominance in the second half, tying a Celtics franchise playoff record with 19 assists.  If he had the jump shot he'd be a more athletic version of Steve Nash, and that's probably expecting too much.
  • Love watching Sheed talk shit to Mo Williams and Rondo talk to Sideshow Bob.  Fuck those 2 guys.
  • Celtics had a big burst to start the 3rd quarter to push the lead all the way up to 21.  In the first 5 minutes of the 3rd quarter LeBron had Ray Allen guarding him, since Pierce had 3 fouls.  And Mike Brown didn't run one post up play for LeBron.  He's just a terrible coach in so many different ways.  The Celtics would be in trouble if someone like Eddie Jordan were the coach for Cleveland, or basically anyone who doesn't have his head up his ass.
  • 3rd quarter and those "50-50 balls" that Doc talks about so much really seemed to bounce Boston's way.
  • Things began to get physical in the 3rd quarter, no surprise Sideshow Bob who got into an altercation with Perkins and then was called for a Flagrant Foul 1 on Ray Allen.
  • Nice seeing Marquis get some minutes too.  He'd looked ready and contributed, even if his stats don't show it.
  • And Reggie Miller, PLEASE stop calling LeBron's injury "Elbow Gate."  Furthermore I disagree with Miller in that momentum does not carry over from game to game in the playoffs.  He was saying the Cavs 15-0 run in the fourth quarter, which hurt, could carry over to Game 3.  You're wrong Reggie.  Game 3's on Friday, nothing's carrying over from this.
This is an enormous win for the Celtics.  Their unity is becoming more magnified than ever, as they huddle as often as they can during dead balls; it's a thing of beauty to behold.  The Garden needs to be rocking this weekend, as intense as it's ever been.  It'll be very tough to win a second game in Cleveland and if the Cavs fall behind 2-1 or 3-1, with LeBron's pending free agency, things may get very tense as the city of Cleveland sets itself up for another major letdown for one of their professional sports teams.

The biggest obstacle to this series has been accomplished: home court advantage has been seized.  No letting up at home though.  Go Celtics!!