Should Q have been suspended too?

I feel like I say this once a week, but Marc Spears is the man. Too bad the Globe lost him to Yahoo. Tell us the rumors you've heard though about what the Pierce/Richardson beef stems from? I wonder if it also involves Jimmy Jackson, Jason Kidd, and Toni Braxton? Hmm, if not Toni, then maybe Brandy???

Here's what Doc had to say on the Richardson matter:
“The only statement I would have on the whole thing is I accept Kevin being suspended,” Rivers said. “If you’re going to go the letter of the law, you kind of knew he was going to go. But I think if you really want to stop fights, you’ve got to suspend the agitators, too. I think right now, the agitator gets fined, the retaliator is getting suspended in all of these incidents. Until they stop the agitator and fine them and suspend them both, you’re going to continue to have these things.”

Update on Pierce/Richardson backstory: Spears wrote the following in his Sunday Yahoo column:
Richardson’s issues with Pierce are no secret, even if their origins have never been truly explained. The two were ejected for trash-talking in front of a referee two years ago when Richardson was playing for the New York Knicks. Richardson then continued to shout at Pierce while walking down the tunnel to the locker room.

Pierce once hosted Richardson as a recruit at the University of Kansas. Neither player has fully explained what the problem is, but this much is clear: Richardson has always seemed to be more irritated about the situation – and, as a result, has done most of the talking.