NBA Ramblings- April 28th

Playoff stat line of the night belongs to Eduardo Najera in Game 4 of the Mavericks-Spurs series: 47 seconds, zero points, rebounds, assists, steals, or blocks, 1 Flagrant Foul 2 and ejection.  If that was Rasheed Wallace we'd hear about it on this blog for the rest of the playoffs.......Did NBA TV resuscitate Vince Cellini from the grave?  I used to like Vince when he did "Inside the NBA" which originally appeared on CNN before it segued to TNT.  He used to be on the show with Mike "The Stinger" Glenn.  Well Vince is back in the spotlight and other than his hair totally going gray, is still as good as ever.  (I wonder if he actually used to do Inside the NBA as pictured to the left). However his "Manu Ginosebleed" joke was pretty lame.......I don't think Rick Carlisle has the attention of his players.  If Mark Cuban is smart, he tries to deal a couple of his players for an upgrade at a wing position; think Jason Terry or Caron Butler along with Shawn Marion and JJ Barea.  Carlisle isn't the problem, he's a good coach.  I just don't think his team is listening to him........Shane Battier was outstanding on NBA TV the other night, certainly not to my surprise.  He's bright and articulate and very well-informed.  If he wants a future in NBA broadcasting, it should be encouraged.  Of course I wouldn't be stunned if he somehow found a cure for cancer and won the Nobel Peace Prize, something that I don't envision Eric Snow ever accomplishing.