NBA Ramblings- April 20th

Say what you want about Bill Simmons, but he calls it like he sees it.  He's not afraid to speak against his Celtics if something isn't right.  I'd consider that objectivity a lot more refreshing than say, someone like JA Adande and his drooling over the Flakers.  This would be a better world if Adande considers taking his next bath with some electrical appliance.....On a scale of 1-10 those Dockers "I Wear No Pants" Commercials are easily a 12.  The only question is whether they are more annoying than when we had to hear "The Bill Engvall Show on TBS, Very Funny" back in 2008.......Too bad Richard Jefferson's such an awful fit for the Spurs.  If he had made the contributions they expected, they may have been the team to beat in the West; they're that good.......Was watching Game 1 of the Spurs-Mavericks when Popovich inserted Roger Mason into the game during the 3rd quarter for the sole purpose of fouling Erick Dampier.  It took the wonderful tandem of Dick Stockton and Mike Fratello three straight possessions to finally point out that the Spurs were implementing the hack-a-dampier.  Imagine being a novice to the game of basketball, that being your first exposure to the game and wondering "why are they fouling a guy 3 straight plays on purpose" and having no one to explain that to you.  Shame on you Dick and Mike for not pointing that out.  Then again, I should've expected that from Dick......Speaking of the Mavs, funny how no one's been talking about how bad the Devin Harris for Jason Kidd trade was anymore.  Even at his age, Kidd's a much better player than Harris and a better fit for that Mavericks team.  By trading the biggest flopper in the NBA, the Mavs were able to add a really poised, big-game performer.  Kudos to Mark Cuban for looking beyond the whole age factor.......Looks like Samuel Dalembert won the J Walter Kennedy Citizenship award this season for helping out his native country, Haiti during their disaster relief.  He's also guaranteed to win an award next season: the league's most valued corpse contract for salary dumpage.  His $12.2 million albatross of a deal is up after 2012.