Celtics to be Known as "Finley's Team"

In an interesting internal development, the Celtics have unanimously come to the decision that they should be pegged as "Michael Finley's team."  This had  been rumored to be a possibility for weeks, but after another impeccable shooting performance, Celtics Public Relations Director Jeff Twiss confirmed as much.

"We will be known moving forward as 'Michael Finley and the Celtics.'  Everyone and their mother knows the NBA markets their star players more than their teams.  We discussed it with Wyc, Danny and Doc, and we feel this is the best decision at this time for the organization."

Finley was signed off waivers from the San Antonio Spurs earlier last month.

"Oh we definitely had been giving this some thought since Michael arrived" said 2-time NBA Coach of the Year Doc Rivers.  "It only makes sense.  He's our oldest player and he just doesn't miss shots.  Remember back when you're in 7th grade and there's an 8th grader out there dominating and leading the way to victory?  It's no different in the NBA.  Michael's the 37 year old leader we've been looking for.  And we're happy to have him in this position."

Changes look to go into effect immediately.  Twiss was brief in his comments, neglecting to bring attention to the distinction.  But when pressed when people would know about this, slyly replied, "Sunday.  It'll be LeBron James and the Cavs against Michael Finley and the Celtics."

General Manager Danny Ainge was not available for comment but Celtics captain Paul Pierce sounded ecstatic.  "I may be the captain and 'the truth' but this should definitely be Michael's team" said an elated Pierce.  "I hope one day to see my # 34 raised alongside #40 in our hallowed rafters and no other way to get to that point than doing this.  It was a long day coming, and Findog deserves it."

*Happy April Fool's Everyone!