What's up Doc (with the rotation)?

In last night's win over Denver, Doc Rivers complicated an already complex situation: he gave Tony Allen 20 minutes of playing time.  Although Allen's been out of the rotation he stayed ready and responded with a very solid 13 points on 5-6 shooting.  This adds to an already interesting dilemma for Doc.  That is, who's going to be in the rotation come playoff time?

The starting 5 are set and you'd have to think Rasheed, Glen Davis and Nate Robinson will all find some time.  But what about the backup wing?  There's zero chance he'll play 11 guys and it's unlikely they'll even go 10 deep; remember rotations are generally cut down come the playoffs since these are the big games.

That means that of the 3 candidates, Marquis Daniels, Michael Finley and Tony Allen, at most only 2, will be seeing some minutes.  Marquis was the guy they brought into replace Tony Allen in the offseason.  But adding Michael "I don't miss jumpshots" Finley to the equation has really added an interesting dynamic.  Who should Doc play?  I'd have said a week ago that Marquis is the guy that will get the minutes.  But Doc seemed down on him yesterday.  And Tony played incredible.  And like I said, Findog doesn't miss lol.

So who should get the most playing time and why?