Step it up Doc!

First off, I love Doc Rivers.  It's really hard to not like the guy. He outcoached one of the greatest coaches ever in bringing the Celtics their first title in 20 years.  He's a "player's coach" and his players and the media love him.  However, he has his faults and in my opinion has not done the best of coaching jobs this season.

The coach is an easy target to pick on when things are going bad, but this needs to be said. With all the great things Doc does and has done for this team he's always struggled with time management.  It's like he goes into a game already knowing who is going to play what minutes and when they are going to play, instead of alloting minutes by who is playing well.

The other night in Milwaukee is a great example. The second unit was finally coming together then in comes Pierce who was playing terribly and the momentum was stopped.  Not only would the bench playing more benefit the starters by giving them rest, it would also give them much needed confidence.  Let's face it, the Celtics bench has been less than stellar this year and they need all the confidence they can get.

It's not just time management this year though. Doc seems to have lost this team a little bit.  They haven't quit on him by any means, but he doesn't seem to be the motivator he was before.  Sure, it's the player's responsibility to play hard every game and Doc can't control injuries, but no one should ever claim to be "bored" on an NBA team.  The coach needs to be held accountable for that.

I want Doc to succeed. I don't want the "Fire Doc Rivers" chants to ever come back.  He needs to step up and be more of a leader out there. Quit complaining about every call and yank Rasheed for a whole game if he's being lazy. Demand that Ray gets the last shot instead of Paul.  Yell at Nate Robinson if he's hogging the ball. KG shouldn't have to be the enforcer everytime. You can do it Doc and you need to if we are to have a shot this year.