NBA Announcing: Where Awful Happens Part I

I've noticed a trend in a lot of the Game Chats and a lot of dialogue amongst fans of the NBA.  It's in regards to the team that announces the game.  This usually consists of one play-by-play guy and one color guy.  While we're all spoiled with Celtics games with Mike and Tommy, there's a lot of terribleness that goes on for other games.

The way I see this, it should be broken out into 4 segments: National Telecasts and Local Telecasts (which us NBA League Pass people get plenty of), and then into Play-by-Play guy and Color Guy.
I figured it'd be appropriate to get a take on how others feel about the announcing.  (And for the record, a big shout-out to this blog (  So the question is, which National play-by-play announcer do you just cringe at when you realize you're about to watch a game and he's announcing?  The guy that makes you say "Oh no, not this fucking guy" as soon as you see who's calling the game.

I could've added Dave Pasch or Mike Devlin, but those guys are really-rare.

As for my choice?  Well it's a dead give-away based on the picture used for this.  Stockton doesn't seem to do too many games anymore but he's been the most clueless person I've ever seen call a game.  Part of me thinks he's from another planet with how out-of-it he is.  Maybe he's too busy with thoughts on Leslie Visser.  Whatever it may be, I've never seen games botched like when he calls them.  If I see him doing the game, I immediately know there's going to be one mistake after the next.  Which is sort of a shame since he narrates those Celtics' 1980s Championship Videos really well.  I guess he's just not made for doing live broadcasting.

So who can't you stand and why?