Grizzlies owner calls out Golden State's "Diarrhea of the Mouth"

Memphis owner Michael Heisley was asked about rumors surrounding an O.J. Mayo trade to the Warriors.

"Right now, no one has offered me something that I think is better. Golden State called us at one point, and we called them at one point. It never got together and couldn't be done. I'm not going to go into what it was; what we would do and not do. There's not a player on my team that somebody hasn't talked to me about trading for. Not one. It just so happens that Golden State has diarrhea of the mouth. But I'm not going to talk potential trades."
I guess Heisley couldn't say, "I can't believe our incompetent GM was dumb enough to offer Mayo AND Thabeet for Monta Ellis, and the no direction Warriors were even dumber to turn it down." Don Nelson might say it though, so stay tuned.