Celtics get much needed win against Pacers

The Celtics had one of their best offensive games of the year in beating the Pacers by 20. Look, the Pacers aren't a good team and this is a game the Celtics should win big.  At the same time you have to be happy with how they played offensively. Scoring 67 points in a half of any game is impressive. Nate Robinson was huge in this game. His four three pointers in the first half catapulted the Celtics to a convincing lead and got the crowd into it. Pierce looked better with 20 points in just 3 quarters of action. Big Baby also played well scoring 15 off the bench.  Rondo was per usual the best player on the court with 16 points and 11 assists. I'm convinced this guy could average 25 points a game on a lesser team if he wanted. Doc let the second unit play more than usual and they proved their worth.  Hopefully this continues.

The only negative to the game was allowing Hibbert to score 23 points. I can't believe Josh McRoberts is a rotation player in the NBA. If Big Baby can block your shot you better rethink your career decision.  The best part of the game was the soldier talking with the Tommy and Mike and petitioning for more playing time for Scal, " his red headed brother." I'm telling you if you are not a red head you just woudn't understand.

Anyway, the Celtics played pretty well but it was against a crappy team.  We saw what happened after the Bobcats game so take this win with a grain of salt.  Hopefully the team heart to heart really helped and the Celtics can beat Cleveland Sunday.  However, the Celtics inconsistency all year leaves me hesitant to get too excited.  At any rate, at least they won a home game on a Friday night.  Like I said after the Bobcats game, it's really nice watching the 4th quarter knowing your team is going to win.