Celtics fall apart in second half and lose to Cavs

The Cavs are a better team than the Celtics so this loss shouldn't come as a surprise.  I was happy the Celtics hung around for as long as they did. I wish all of Rasheed's shots could be given to Rondo and Garnett. They both need more shots in my opinion. Ray had a pretty good all around game with 20 points, 6 rebounds, and 5 assists. Pierce showed flashes but still isn't anywhere close to being back to form.

When the bench scores a combined 15 points you aren't going to win many games. Rasheed was 1-8, but that should come as no surprise.  He has been a complete dissapointment this year and I don't see him turning it on for the playoffs. Big Baby should play more minutes than him. While he lacks the talent of Rasheed, he hustles and rebounds.  For a terrible rebounding team like the Celtics he is exactly what they need.

Lebron had 30, 8, and 7 and that is just another day at the office for him. The guy is incredible to watch and is by far the best player in the league. Boston did a pretty good job shutting him down in the first half, but I think that was more Lebron just choosing not to score than the Celtics stopping him. He's impossible to guard. Just think what he would be if he ever developed a post game(scary thought.) Leon Powe had 4 rebounds in 8 minutes and a +11 point differential when he was on the floor.  Think we could've used him this year? Varejao's 17 points off the bench were huge.  The guy flops more than a soccer player but he has heart. I'd take him on the Celtics in a second.

Overall a pretty standard loss. If anyone expected us to beat the Cavs in Cleveland simply because we blew out a terrible Pacers team they are living in an alternate universe.  Don't get down though. The Celtics are still fun to watch and I guess anything can happen in the playoffs, right?