Celtics crunch Nuggets 113-99

Even the most cynical of Celtics fans had to be happy with most of tonight's game. Besides a lapse in the second half of the 3rd quarter, the Celtics played great basketball.  More importantly they played with an energy that has been lacking for most of the season. Tony Allen played great tonight. He's been benched lately and you can tell he wants some playing time. He played within himself and didn't force things.  That's what we need from him.

The Big 3 all had solid games and that never happens. Pierce's 14 in the first quarter really set the tone for the game. He only had 13 for the rest of the game but that first quarter was huge. Garnett doesn't have much lift, but his fade away turn around jumper is one of the hardest shots to stop in the game. Ray was solid per usual and had a quiet 16 points.  Nate Robinson and Finley continue to be sparks off the bench though they aren't exactly the passing types.

Let's be honest though. The game as usual was won by Rondo. He had a triple double with 11 points, 11 rebounds, and 15 assists and controlled the game from the outset.  He's the best active point guard in the league right now and people better just get used to it.  He's our best passer and probably our best rebounder.  If anyone thought anyone else was the best player on this team I hope they finally realize Rondo is now.

As well as the Celtics played, the Nuggets didn't show up. They looked terrible on defense and let the Celtics, who are 30th in the league in offensive rebounding, grab 17 offensive boards.  Also, a 17-18 road record is not going to cut it for a supposed Western Conference challenger. Carmelo might have had the quietest 32 points I've ever seen but that guy is legit. J.R Smith off the bench is great too but they can't beat the Lakers. It's up to the Mavs to do that.  Also, I love Hubie Brown but don't ever compare Kenyon Martin to KG again. Sure, the numbers might be the same but the impact he has on the team isn't close. Ridiculous on all counts!

Overall, a very solid win. The most important thing to take out of this game was the energy level. Besides about 6 minutes in the 3rd, the Celtics played with an energy we haven't seen since the beginning of the season.  This is the perfect time for them to be turning it on. With wins against the Rockets, Mavs, and Nuggets the last 5 days we as Celtics fans shold be very hopeful for the future.  Let's keep it going against the Kings!