Celtics Annihilate Pistons, 119-93

Celtics cruised in this one from the start.
  • For those who watched this on ESPN, the first 3 minutes of the games consisted of a dissection of all the Celtics' statistical shortcomings, delivered by Jon Barry and Hubie Brown.
    • First off Jon Barry is a jackass; I've always disliked him ever since his contract dispute with the Celtics when they drafted him.  Instead of being  grateful for being drafted by one of the greatest franchises in sports history, he bitched and complained until he got traded.  Never played a day for the Celtics and I'm glad.
    • The most intelligent conversation ever regarding basketball was the last time Hubie Brown ate breakfast by himself; he's that knowledgeable.
  • First quarter was a nice start, seeing Paul even get some Bean-esque calls.  He set the tone and everyone followed.
  • Glen Davis was very effective again tonight.  He brought hustle and energy.  Interestingly enough, he was the first guy off the bench, actually ahead of Rasheed.  Can't look into it too much since Sheed checked in the next possession.  But Davis is really playing  himself into being a guarantee in the rotation come playoff time.  He's far and away the best Celtic at taking charges.
  • I think the NBA should have the LIP for the "Least Improved Player," the player that drops the most over 1 season.  I nominate Ben Gordon whose ppg is 7 lower than last season.
  • Michael Finley can really shoot.  I loved him while he was on Dallas and always knew he was an all-star caliber player.  Granted he's older now but he's still a much better shooter than Marquis and certainly Tony so he serves a purpose.  I'd like to see Boston resign him for next season.
  • It's incredible how bad Kwame Brown is.  He just never figured out how to play or live up to all that potential.  You'd think he could have at least improved his free throw shooting form.  It's unbelievable that he was the top pick in an draft.
All in all a dominating, well balanced performance.  8 Celtics in double figures and everyone on the team scored.  Unfortunately Detroit's really bad, and watching this game really reminded me of how inexcusable it was to lose to them already this year.