A steal of a deal

Marc Spears
Washington trade of Butler, Haywood and Stevenson to Dallas for Howard, Gooden, Ross and Singleton recently became official, source tells Y!
mavs also getting cash from wiz in trades 
What a dumb move by the Wizards and what a coup for the Mavs. Caron Butler for expiring contracts? AND the Wiz throw in a starting center. And then just for kicks the Wizards send some cash. Worse decision: Bringing guns into the locker room or this trade?

At least the Grizzlies got a couple first rounders and Marc Gasol for Pau in that well known Lakers heist. And Danny Ainge denied talking with the Wizards. If true, that's pathetic. Butler is 5 years younger than Ray and would have been a huge acquisition. And Haywood as a sweetener is nothing to dismiss. Awesome trade for the Mavs. Unless Danny somehow turns his expiring contracts into Deng, Hinrich and Thomas then he really missed out here.