NBA Trade Buzz Update

Updates as of 4 PM:
  • Camby deal for Blake and Outlaw is done.  Clippers are also waving Ricky Davis.
  • Cavs renewing conversations with Wizards for Jamison.  Maybe they feel like the Stoudemire deal's a no-go.
  • San Antonio pushing for McDyess to be dealt so they can ultimately make an offer for Tyrus Thomas.
  • Chicago offered Thomas and Deng to Minnesota for Al Jefferson- Minnesota's not interested.
  • Clippers offered Chris Kaman to Detroit, who's also not interested.
  • Looks like if the TMac trade to NY happens it's for Hughes, not Harrington, contrary to my original report.
  • Richard Dumas looking to catch on with a team (just making sure you're reading all these:)

If the Celts do make a blockbuster and clear a lot of guys (Tony Allen, Scalabrine, Giddens, etc) I actually wouldn't mind bringing back Ricky Davis for the bench.