NBA Trade Buzz Update IV

Looks like Charlotte just acquired Chicago's Tyrus Thomas for Acie Law, Flip Murray and a future first-round pick, sources say.  I agree with JR in that Thomas would've been nice to replace Glen Davis in the rotation with.  Could the Celts have matched Law and Murray?  

As it stands now the 4 big guys on the C's in the rotation (Perkins, KG, Wallace and Glen Davis) are all very unathletic.  Perk's always been slow of foot, Davis' vertical is about 6 inches, Rasheed even in his prime was only mildly athletic.  Garnett's obviously morphed into a 1997 version of Robert Parish on the Bulls.  This could've been the injection of athleticism into the frontcourt that Nate Robinson will provide in the backcourt.

Speaking of some other trade rumors still floating around:

  • McGrady deal to Sacramento is official, but will he stay in Sacramento?  McGrady says he'd like to join the Lakers or Cavs but not sure they will accommodate that.  McGrady's agent is the same as Tyreke Evans and some think he may be able to manipulate the Kings into doing what he asks.
  • My source has indicated that Danny is still talking to Golden State about Ellis but doesn't hear anything about Iguodala.  He's not sure if he'll be able to get anything done though with the Warriors.
  • Looks like Amare is probably going to stay with Phoenix, which should lead to an awkward rest of the season before he bids adieu.
Only 3 hours left, stay tuned.  When this is all over, me, Adrian Wojnarowski, David Aldridge, Ric Bucher, Alan Hahn and Marc Stein are all gonna get a lot of sleep.