NBA Trade Buzz Update II

Update as of 7:30PM:
  • Jamison now looking like he's heading to the Cavs along with the corpse of Mike James for Moon, Ilgauskas and an irrelevant number 1 pick.  Expect the Big Cancer Patient to get bought out and before you can even say "30 days," return immediately to Cleveland.
  • Drew Gooden will get bought out by the Wizards, who acquired him in the Butler-Howard deal the other day.  Nuggets or a return to the Mavericks are his likely destinations.
  • The Heat are trying to lure a 3rd team into the Stoudemire sweepstakes.  Charlotte's been mentioned but they weren't interested in Udonis Haslem.  If they finder a taker for Haslem, Miami can offer Jermaine O'Neal and take back Amar'e and Celtic killer Jason Richardson.
    • If the Heat do acquire J-Rich, it should be mandatory that the back of his uniform says "J. Richardson" while Quentin becomes "Q. Richardson."  It still peeves me that this isn't done for Ray Allen and Tony Allen.  Have we forgotten about the days of Michael Smith and Derek Smith?  When the C's only had Michael he was "Smith" but once they acquired Derek, they had to change Michael's jersey to "M. Smith."  Sorry for the tangent but I wish this was still done.
Count me as being one who thinks Jamison's a much better fit for the Cavs than Amar'e.  Jamison's a big-time scorer and being able to run their offense through him while LeBron's on the bench would be enormous boost to Cleveland.