The monster is still alive

The monster is still alive, it hides in the forest and fears the daylight. Chased and punished, it was banished from the kingdom of the glory it once achieved. From the deepest Hell on the sports world, the creature had managed its way out of the depths of the Earth to quickly ascend into the clouds of Heaven. Once discovered, the truth unfolded, the monster was exposed. The myths were proven true: the legends had long talked about a team that would virtually destroy all its enemies, with team oriented spirit and fiery defensive skills.

Finally everybody was able to analyze, study and dissect the rebirth of the legend.

And yes, everybody wanted to kill that myth, to return to the realities of a world reigned by the King James and his heralds. He had changed the rules of basketball, turned the kingdom into his playground and directed the laws of the game. There were other rivals, but all of them could be tamed in time due. But once the green monster had been reborn, there would be no one who could stop it. You could force double teams on Kobe Bryant and make him kneel, isolate Dwight Howard or make the Spurs run until they had no more breath. But the arsenal of skills that the Green creature could display was virtually unbeatable. The truths and values of sport had prevailed and have made the rest of the heroes look like mortal villains: the soft Lakers, the selfish king, the immature Howard, the senile Spurs...

Reality is that the monster itself knew that this time, it could not stay in Heaven for too long. The hunger and thirst of glory had been intense enough to make it forget about the limits of its own existence. It wasn't supposed to be there, it hadn't been invited, everybody thought it was dead.

Just as now, everybody thinks the monster will return to where it had stayed until the last days of a certain Larry Bird.

The Boston Celtics, for this is the name of this legendary and singular creature, have been attacked and punished for this heresy. First the Bulls hunted them for 7 long days, to the limits of each corner of Heaven. Then they were attacked by air, where the cruel Hawks have bitten the flesh every now and then. The lake has again called the monster and met the purple and gold beast laying under its surface and the Suns have melted over the green spirits more than once.

This monster is tired, hurt and old. But its thirst hasn't been quenched. It is a furious heart and a deep passion that moves the blood that makes the dreams on. It is not ready to leave yet.

As you all know, this team is right now at the border of failure, in the limits of the big fall. But if you once believed in the heart of this champion, you will also expect the beast to regain composure, to lick its own wounds and become ready to reclaim what it was always a part of it: the NBA championship.

The NBA welcomed back the team that have given the most glory to this game and neither of us fans or the Celtics players are ready to give up now. We are ready and hungry for more. We can still win it all again. Lakers, see you in Boston next June. And yes, get ready to cry again.

2010: the year of our 18th trophy