Line of the Day

Actually two lines. I think Larry Riley's might actually be a tad funnier, but Caron's is pretty good as well.
"I made one attempt to go grab a star player, to just see if somebody would do a stupid deal from the other end," Riley said. "They call me and ask if I'll do something stupid, so I called a guy and said, 'Hey, will you consider this?' "
Wizards forward Caron Butler has been mentioned in a number of trade rumors over the last month, something he's become accustomed to lately.
"I'm popular," Butler said. "I've always been a popular kid, since middle school, I've been bigger than everybody. I'm very popular right now."
Source: RealGM

From everything I hear Butler really is a popular guy amongst his peers. I think a Ray for Caron trade makes sense for the C's. And for the 1000th time that doesn't mean I dislike Ray (like Karl dislikes Perk. j/k). I wonder what star player the Warriors were going after, but regardless I understand his reasoning. This one guy always makes trade offers to me in my fantasy league, which include me giving up 4 star players for 4 bums of his. So every now and then I have to come back with an offer of 2 scrubs for 2 of his borderline star players.