I prefer the Glass Half-Full Approach

Times are bleak right now in Celtics Nation. Well, they were before this potential trade for Caron and Antawn. Regardless of what happens with the trade, the fact remains that Boston fans often like to see the glass half empty. Don't get me wrong, I love the city of Boston and its people. They are the most passionate fans in the country. However, with that passion inevitably comes negativity when things go bad. The Celtics blow another 4th quarter lead and it like their dog just died.

Do we all forget that it is February? Do you really think the Celtics are playing up to their full potential right now? This is a team of veterans and despite thinking NBA players bring their A game every night, the reality is it just doesn't happen.Look, as I've said all year, this team is built for the playoffs. They need a finish line. Right now they are just coasting and that is causing inconsistent play. When the playoffs start they can say, okay we need to win 16 games and we are champs. Easy to say and much harder to do I know. But why be negative about it? Why not just enjoy the ride and go in with no expectations. Expect the worst and hope for the best.

It could be a lot worse Boston fans. Remember when we were kids and sports were fun. We watched games because we loved seeing the best of the best play the sports we loved. Now it seems our lives depend on every game. We throw things and say we hate certain players because they had a bad game. All is lost if our beloved team isn't playing well.

Boston fans, please look at the reality of the situation. Are the Celtics going to win with the team assembled now? Probably not. Are they going to have a chance, of course they will. That is the key here. At least we have a chance to win it all and why not look at the second half of the season in a positive light. It will make your life much more enjoyable