Denver is LEGIT

First off, Denver played a great game and should be congratulated for it. The Celtics had a bad first quarter on defense, but played a pretty good game overall. They showed resolve coming back from several large deficits, but in the end couldn't muster enough to get the win. 

The problem was Paul Pierce. He gave us nothing and actually hurt the team with his turnovers and free throws. He looked slow and didn't step up at all. Marquis went 6-7 with 13 points in a little over 17 minutes, and Pierce plays over 30 minutes going 2-10. How does this make sense? Why doesn't Doc play people according to how they are playing in a particular game? Sit Pierce for a week or two more because right now he is not helping us.

KG looked as healthy as he has in a long while. When he threw down that alley oop from Rondo I jumped out of my seat. His fade away jumper is truly one of the hardest shots to stop in the NBA. Rondo played pretty well but I think he could've been more aggressive driving to the basket and trying to pick up fouls on Billups.

Ray Ray is playing out of his mind since the All-Star break which is a great sign. I think it's pretty clear that all the trade chatter did bother him and now he is more at ease. Rasheed continues to be a non- factor on the boards and I'm beginning to wonder if he'll ever get more than 3 rebounds again.

Denver is a really good team. I'm not sure how they lost to the Wizards a couple nights ago. Billups and Carmelo gave them 49 points combined along with J.R Smith's 19 off the bench. When you look up the definition of X-factor in Wikipedia JR Smith will be probably be the first name listed. Every time the Celtics made a run Denver would make a play.

There were a couple huge 4 point swings in the game when Denver capitalized off missed Celtics lay-ups for points that were the difference in the game. Denver might be the best end of the shot clock team in the league. I was impressed with Affalo's defense and Ty Lawson is proving to be one of the best rookies in the league. I think this Denver has the right mixture of stars, veterans, young players, and role players to make a run at the Lakers this year.

I wouldn't get too upset about this loss Celtics fans. In fact, I'd be happy about the state of the Celtics right now. KG and Ray look better than ever. Rondo's jumper continues to get better. Perk is continuing to play consistent and rebound. Marquis Daniels has played great since the break. Rasheed is, well Rasheed is still Rasheed. I know as sports fans there are no silver linings in a loss but let's just say losing to Denver in Denver after 3 straight solid wins is nothing to be ashamed of.