C's Edge Wizards

After being the first team to 20 wins, the Celtics became the 7th team to win their 30th game tonight.  That statement alone shows you how much they've struggled recently.
  • Celtics played the way that best suits their strengths: team balance.  7 guys had 9 points or more.
  • Tony Allen played with energy again and Rajon Rondo continued his top-notch play.
    • By the way Tony Allen's trade value has never been higher.  When Daniels returns there won't be consistent minutes for both of them and while having TA is nice insurance, he's not better than Marquis and won't be getting his minutes.  Dare I say now is the time to trade Allen in hope of actually getting someone of quality?
  • Paul's injury was a bit of a concern.  I've experienced that turning of the ankle myself (as recently as last Wednesday) and it's extremely painful.  Hopefully he can bounce back.
  • A close game throughout, I had a bad feeling in this one heading into the 4th with the Celtics down 4.  But their intensity picked up and they were able to stave off another collapse against a subpar team.
  • If Jamison has an average game tonight, I think the Celtics lose again. 
I don't think this win proves much other than hopefully giving the Celtics a confidence boost.  They're 8 wins behind Cleveland now which is a lot, and I don't know if obtaining homecourt throughout the playoffs is still feasible.  But playing like they did in January will do that to you.  It's put this entire season into a new perspective for me.