C's and Wiz talking Ray for Caron and Jamison

In a dramatic move that would resuscitate their fading championship hopes, the Boston Celtics are discussing a deal with the Washington Wizards for forwards Antawn Jamison and Caron Butler, league sources told Yahoo! Sports on Friday.

The proposed deal would send the expiring contracts of Ray Allen, Brian Scalabrine and J.R. Giddens to the Wizards, a move that would signal the start of Washington’s rebuilding process.

The trade isn’t imminent, but talks have progressed and Celtics GM Danny Ainge has positioned his organization to make one of the boldest trade deadline moves in years. For the Celtics, ownership would have to agree to take on an additional $24 million in salary next season between Jamison and Butler. Jamison makes more than $15 million in 2011-12, but most owners are discounting those salaries because of an assumption that there will be a labor lockout and some, if not all, of that money will never be paid to the players.
If this were to go down the C's would be stacked. You're talking some amazing front court depth. I believe we'd also become the favorites again and this would set up an epic battle with the Lakers. I like Caron on Kobe and Jamison on Odom.  I'm a little skeptical that Washington would trade these two without getting anything back but expiring contracts. It's possible the Wizards are leaking this rumor to get the Cavs to up their offer for Jamison. We'll keep you posted.