Celtics struggle, but pull away in 4th against Nets(Live Blog)

This wasn't pretty, but I knew the Celtics would win all along. Ray and Eddie were the heroes, hitting timely threes and really bailing out the rest of the Celtics team. Below are my thoughts as the game progressed.

1st Quarter. Brooke Lopez airs a jump hook and I almost fall off my chair with laughter. Is this team really in the NBA? Celtics should be up about 10 but have missed easy lay ups. KG needs 5 or 6 more shots a game. He is just as lethal from the perimeter as he has ever been. Celtics are playing down to their competition. Ray is hitting his shots which is great to see. If he's hitting his shots the Celtics are tough to beat. KG should get the ball every time down the court. He is dominating this game. Perk should not be given the ball on set plays anymore, he just isn't that effective. Celtics are sleepwalking out there on D. Great hustle by Eddie. Wow, that was one of the worst dribbling displays I've ever seen by Williams. Brooke Lopez is all they have. Devon Harris has really dropped off.

2nd quarter: Rasheed scores on the block like he could every possession. Scal can't defend anyone remotely quick( hate to say it). Celtics are playing very lazy on both ends; they need to step it up. They can't even finish a 3 on 1, what is going on with them? Perkins is a mess right now, he holds the ball way too long. Why aren't we giving the ball to Garnett more?

Halftime Thoughts: We are losing to the freaking Nets, what else is there to say? Defense is playing terribly. Not enough shots for Garnett and too many for Perk. No production off the bench besides a few shots from Rasheed. Perk is holding the ball for about 30 minutes every time he catches before making a bad decision.

3rd Quarter: Celtics come out strong and Rondo scores a lay up. How many lay ups have we missed this game? It has got to be in the double digits. Garnett misses easy dunk(sheds tear).Garnett is struggling on D, can't stay in front of anyone. Perk nice dish to Ray for two. Good things happen when Perk doesn't hold the ball. Too many lay-ups for the Nets. Nets just score on themselves. How are we losing to this team again? We need the Truth right about now. No interior defense, no weak side help, no intensity, can't hit free throws. What else is there really to say?

4th Quarter: Let's do this! So far more of the same. Big Baby used to finish those lay ups with ease and now misses every time. Why is Bill Walker in the game in the 4th quarter and why has Garnett been out so long? Eddie hits two big shots in a row. Celtics have put a little run together here. Eddie for 3 again! Big Baby big offensive rebounds. Bill Walker travels, again why is he in the game? Big run by the Celtics led by none other than Eddie House. Eddie again for 3! C's pulling away with timely three point shooting. Big shot by Garnett to probably seal the game. Devon Harris misses 2 open 3's. That guy really sucks. Celtics close out the game as Nets miss shot after shot.

Final Thoughts: Sometimes you have to win ugly. The good news is the Celtics played their second straight solid 4th quarter and closed the game out. Ray Allen was huge, hitting clutch shots all night long. However, the MVP of the game was clearly Eddie House. Say what you want about his numbers being down, but you can't measure the energy Eddie brings when he is hitting his shots. Without Eddie we lose this game to a team that has won one road game all year. Garnett looks good offensively but is slow on the defensive end and can't stay in front of anyone. Rondo played a solid game, but Perkins looked off all night long. Overall not the best performance we've ever had, but I liked the way we closed it out. Need to play better obviously to beat Orlando.