Athletes are human too

As sports fans we tend to see our favorite athletes as superhuman.  They are bigger and stronger than us and play sports at a level we cannot even fathom.  Not to mention the fact they get paid so much money. Why shouldn't they be able to play at a high level all the time?  For this reason, we keep harping on the fact that KG is injured, almost like it's a surprise. Like we can't understand how a guy doesn't have the lift he used to, or can't run the floor as well.

Reality check everyone. KG is in his 14th year and  has played almost 1,100 games and logged almost 41,000 minutes, most of which was spent in Minnesota.  He gave his heart to a franchise that never rewarded him with anything remotely close to a good supporting cast.  The best players he played with were Latrell Sprewell and Sam Cassell. You think Kobe or MJ could've won titles with them? Not to mention Duncan, who Garnett would've had the same career as had he been on the Spurs.  Yet Garnett was loyal to Minnesota for all those years, sacrificing his body every night for the team.

KG literally carried a franchise for 12 years and we wonder why he's tired and broken down.  It's a miracle the guy can still walk, much less average 15 and 9 on one leg.  KG is the reason we are not another 2 decades away from a title and yet we complain and complain about his injury.  Stop and appreciate the fact that you got to witness one of the truly entertaining players to ever play this game.