The Worst Team Ever?

So as I watched the Nets take on the Hawks the other night (before the Hawks won by 30) I saw the Nets' starters' names before the game.  Yi was one of the starters as was Lee.  It got me thinking "The Nets have 3 wins, which is the same number of letters in the last name of Courtney Lee, or one more than Yi" (even though his name is 'Yi Jianlian' they do it reverse in China like 'Yao Ming').  That got me thinking who had the most letters on the Nets for a last name, which is unequivocally Chris Douglas-Roberts (how 'Douglas-Roberts' even fits on the back of an NBA jersey is still a mystery).  This domino-effect phenomenon didn't stop there, as I then began thinking whether the Nets would get as many wins as there are in Douglas-Roberts' last name (hyphen not included) which is 14.

I gotta admit- this Nets team is truly awful.  Based on how little effort they play with and their abysmal -11.5 point differential, this really is one of the worst teams I've seen play in my years of following the NBA.  Kiki's hand is held on the sideline by Del Harris in one of the most pathetic displays of coaching and organization I've ever seen.  They have corpses, all throughout their roster most notably Bobby Simmons and his absurd 11.2 million he's making this year.  And all of this tarnishes the reputations of Lopez and Harris, their 2 supposed cogs for the future, as being overrated in my opinion.

The all-time record for futility in a season is the 9-73, 72-73 76ers (I always had wished the 74-75 76ers held this mark, just has a better ring to it, no lol?).

So what do you think?  Can the Nets topple this all time mark of haplessness?  How many wins will they have?  More than the player with the most letters in his last name?