Worst-officiated game of season, Celtics lose to Hawks

This was an embarrassment to everyone associated with basketball.  The game was poorly officiated in the first half- Celts should've been up at least 12 instead of 9.  Then the third quarter came around and it was an abomination.  A flagrant on Big Baby, 2 technical fouls and an ejection on Doc and a technical foul on Armond Hill.  With that, all of the great play and the hard work the Celtics had put into building their lead evaporated.

There's not much else to say about this game other than it was the worst officiated game since the Lakers game in Boston last year.  That's 2-3 for the Celtics in these type games and 6-0 for the Flakers.  Need I say more?

In order to win you have to be good and lucky.  Granted there was no KG and Sheed which really hurt, and I still rather play these pricks in the playoffs then anyone else.  It's just I think it's pretty much over regarding home court advantage.  Too many close, unlucky losses.  It's a disgrace that an outcome of a game can be put squarely in the hands of the officials.  And that's exactly what happened tonight.

Lastly for all you NBA haters out there who claim you  can watch the last 2 minutes of a game to learn the result, here's a perfect example why you can't.  Go watch that 3rd quarter atrocity, where the refs decided the outcome of this one.