Stats Don't Lie, NBA Games 1/15

  • Samuel Dalembert was 7-7 from the field and finished with 17 points and 12 rebounds. The native Haitian has been playing with a heavy heart since the earthquake in his native land and since that disaster, Dalembert is 13-15 from the field with 29 points and 33 rebounds in 2 games.
  • Allen Iverson played 34 minutes against the Kings but still finished without any rebounds, steals, or blocks. This was the third time this season Iverson has posted donuts in those 3 categories in the same game; in his previous 13 seasons in the league, Iverson did that just four times total.
  • Antwan Jamison played 55 minutes in the Wizards double-overtime loss to the Bulls without making a single turnover. Since 1986 that is the third most minutes a player has played in a game without committing a turnover. Popeye Jones did it in 56 minutes in a game in 1996 and Dan Majerle also did it in 1996 when he played 58 minutes in a game.
  • For just the third time since 1986, a team committed 6 or fewer turnovers in a double-overtime game. The Wizards did so against the Bulls in their double OT loss on Friday night.
  • Serge Ibaka and Hasheem Thabeet have played a combined 858 minutes this season. After each player went assist-less last night; they still have only combined for 4 assists this year (2 for each player). Yinka Dare watch out.
  • Kevin Durant had 8 turnovers against the Mavericks but contributed 0 assists. A lack of assists isn't always one player's fault (his teammates have to make the shots) but that is a weird stat. 8 turnovers and 0 assists in a game has only been accomplished 3 times this season (Durant, Al Jefferson, Tyson Chandler).
  • Corey Maggette was amazingly efficient against the Bucks in scoring 32 points on just 14 field goal attempts. It was the second time this year he's gone for at least 32 on 14 or fewer shot attempts; the rest of the NBA has combined to do it just twice as well.
  • Though his team got shellacked by 40 points by the Lakers, Sebastian Telfair came off the bench to dish out 11 assists in just 20 minutes. It's the first time this year a player had at least 10 assists in 20 or fewer minutes.
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