Respect the Greatness

Sure a lot of us fans hurt when Tim Duncan's name comes up.  He was supposed to be the next great Celtic.  But instead of harping on the negative of Boston not obtaining him in the 1997 draft (I still remember that lottery day like yesterday), let's take a moment to respect this legend and what he has meant to us.

He helped the Spurs sweep the Lakers out of the 1999 playoffs en route to their first title.  An utter dominant performance in that second round series.  In 2003 he lead the Spurs to knock out the Lakers again and prevent any nonsense of a potential Laker 4 peat.  If not for his heroics, and the awesomeness of the Pistons in 2004, we as Celtic fans might officially be the second most storied franchise in the NBA, trailing in all time titles.

He embodies greatness and is such a humble performer.  Some people call him boring.  I think along with Dwyane Wade, he's one of the two least ostentatious superstars in the league and I still wish there was a way he'd finish his career in Boston. 

Trust me I wish we could've watched him for his career.  But he helped us out in other ways.  A big thanks to Tim Duncan for his greatness.