A Real Regular Season Statement

Despite the win last night (over an undermanned Portland team) I'm going to go out on a limb and state that as Celtics fans, we're currently not in the best state of mind.  The team has been struggling immensely (losing 8 of 12 going into last night) and has slipped in the standings to 3rd in the league behind the Cavs and Flakers for overall best record.  In looking at the upcoming schedule though, I noticed something.  Something big.  The C's play Orlando, Atlanta and the Flakers next Thursday, Friday and Sunday.  You do realize if Boston wins all 3 of those games, everything will be fine and dandy?

That's correct, just like that, any talk of the C's being old or injured or not hungry will instantaneously evaporate.  As fast as it takes Rasheed Wallace to bitch about a foul, all Boston's problems will be out the window and the buzz around the league will be back on the Celtics and how they are the team to beat.  In the NBA, you're truly only as good as your last game.  In this case it has the potential to be 3 games consecutively.

I won't be satisfied with 2 wins; Celts need all 3 wins.  Talk about a regular season statement.  This will carry some serious weight and furthermore, will compensate for some crappy losses against some crappy teams.  But Boston's got to make up those losses to the Pistons, Warriors and Clippers.  What better way to do it then next week in back-to back-to back style?

Obviously this won't be easy whatsoever.  Thursday and Friday are in Orlando and Atlanta respectfully and Sunday is back home vs LA.  But they need these 3 wins.  For their own sake and for the sake of Celtics nation.  In fact I'd even let this Monday's game vs the Clippers slide if they somehow lose it.

Trust me I realize a lot of people mentioning regular season games not being any more important than any other one.  It's true in the sense that they all count as a win or a loss.  But these 3 would be huge and would totally put a lot of momentum back in Boston's favor.

So what record would satisfy you?