Rasheed Wallace Needs To Sit

You how they say what older players lose in athleticism they make up in smarts? Well Rasheed Wallace has lost a ton of athleticism, but is playing dumber than ever...or at least as dumb. And since he no longer is in shape or a dominant force the poor decisions are more glaring in my opinion. I tried to give him time, but its past the halfway mark of the season and Wallace needs to sit. Plant yourself on the bench and watch Glen Davis or Shelden play. Or better yet, watch Perkins play more minutes. You know the guy who had 12 rebounds in 23 minutes last night, but was benched in favor of you Mr. Wallace for the entire 4th quarter. In 26 minutes, Wallace had 2 rebounds. Hard to get rebounds though when you have a big old gut and on offense you spend 95% of the game camped out at that three point line as if you were a good shooter and weren't 7 feet tall.

If 'Sheed must play (so Danny doesn't look bad for signing him) then the moment he shoots a 3, he should be subbed for. Simple as that. Josh Smith on the Hawks, you know the team that just swept you 'Sheed? Well he's more than a decade younger than you and he learned that he needs to stop gunning from the 3 point line. He has shot as many as 152 threes in a year. Want to know how many he has attempted this year? 3. And my guess is they were all at the end of quarters or at the shot clock buzzer. So I don't buy the whole "Well this is how he's always been. He's not going to change" argument. No this isn't how he's always been. He used to be a more athletic, better rebounding force. Now he's old and he needs to change.  When you're putting up the numbers, people can live with some dumb choices. 'Sheed does't have that liberty any more. But he doesn't have to change; he can sit on the bench.
Time to show some tough love and not just show favoritism to the vets Doc. And by the way, Perk has been in the league long enough that he's a young veteran and shouldn't  be benched like that. This team is in dire need of rebounders and I watch Wallace play over Perk, Shelden sit on the pine, and Powe prepare for his comeback with the Cavs. Rasheed watches it too. All alone behind the three point line. There's a reason you have so many open looks buddy. It's the same reason teams were leaving Josh Smith open there. They'd much rather have you shooting a three than posting up, drawing fouls, and being in position for offensive rebounds. You shoot 5 threes in 24 minutes a game. You shoot threes at a rate 50% higher than Ray Allen even. You're a horrendous chucker and Doc needs to send you to the pine. But then he'll get in even worse shape. Another bogus argument. Meet a stairmaster Rasheed. Ask it out and spend some quality time. Right now you suck and you need to sit. Learn to stay inside the arc and you can regain some minutes. Glen Davis has to fight for minutes and personally I think punching someone in the face standing up for your girl is less dumb then launching threes at the rate this out of shape 7 footer is. If necessary, I'll mail the Garden a CelticsLife seat cushion for your crazy ass.