KG should not play in the All Star Game

I'm not that upset about last night's loss because first off it was a road loss to a very good home team. Secondly, we had the game won and are clearly the better team. I really hope we play them in the playoffs because we will win in 5. Thirdly, it's Garnett's third game back from injury and you can't expect him to be anywhere close to full speed for another month or so. Lastly, it's freaking January. No one should get that upset about losses before April. Basketball is a game of runs and blowing a 14 point lead is really not that out of the ordinary.   I don't know how some people survive seasons with the way they take losses.

The bigger concern here is Garnett and his health. I thought he looked worse last night than the previous 2 games and I'm not sure why.  Did we bring him back too soon? I really don't know and it will be interesting to see how he plays tonight against an athletic Hawks team.  The one thing I do know is Garnett should under no circumstances play in the All Star game. 

The NBA All Star game is a joke first and foremost.  Allen Iverson starting in the All Star game over Rondo is basically all that needs to be said on that topic. No one cares about the game and only bad things can happen.  Garnett should take the time and rest his knee. Don't even go to Dallas. He's been to about 30 of these All Star games and doesn't need to be playing this one. 

Garnett doesn't have to be great for us to win a title, but he does have to be good. Right now he is average at best.  It's a sad sight watching people leap over him for rebounds and watching him miss dunks that he normally would throw down with ease.  Rasheed has played pretty well of late, and is honestly probably the better option at this point. Take the All Star break and rest KG, so we can have a chance at the title.