C's End Losing Streak, Beat Raptors

Bizzarro photo of the year

Celts picked up a solid win tonight with a makeshift lineup against what seemed like a highly unmotivated Raptors team.

First off I had the Toronto feed and I must say: their announcers are unbearable.  Imagine a guy sounding like he's taking a shit and screaming over at someone in the other room while he's struggling on the toilet.  Sorry for the graphic description but that's what it's like listening to .  Maybe if I was a Raptors fan I'd appreciate it or at least tolerate it.  But it's awful as far as I'm concerned.  And he's like that the entire game.  And he doesn't handle play-by-play like a normal person for TV, but was doing it like it was on the radio.  Sort of like when Bob Costas went to the NBA on NBC and started announcing games.  We can see what 's happening jackass.

The whole game to me seemed like Toronto just didn't care.  When you have Bosh and Turkoglu and the other team is missing 3 starters (Garnett, Rondo and Pierce all sat this one out) you should win this game.  The Raptors are the 6 seed right now in the Eastern Conference standings.  And that's how they play?  Fire Jay Triano immediately so he can resume teaching college economics and promote either Alex English or Alvin Williams to head coach.  Speaking of Williams, remember he almost became a Celtic?

Anyway nice balanced effort tonight from Perkins, Sheed, the Allen Boys (that term still hasn't caught on like the Jones Boys did for the team in the '60s) House and Glen Davis.  The 6 of them were solid (all between 12 and 23 points) and it seemed like they took turns really contributing.  How JR Giddens played 20 minutes is incredible since the C's were literally playing 4 on 5 offensively with him.  I don't know if I've ever quite seen a game where someone has so little involvement in the offense.  Giddens was one for three for 2 points.  Why didn't the Raptors force him to shoot?  Why not whoever was guarding him played free safety, like teams do against Rondo but like ten times more?  I feel I could've coached the Raptors to victory tonight, I really do.

Orlando lost to Chicago tonight, so the Celtics are clear-cut in 2nd place in the East, with the same number of losses as the Cavs.  Hopefully the wounded can rest and recover and enjoy the next several days off, before resuming action next Wednesday in Miami.