Celtics Dump Nets

This one wasn't as close as the final score indicates, 111-87.  Celtics were up 36 in the first half and then went into cruise control for the rest of the game.
  • I had the Nets feed and for the record, outside of Mike and Tommy everyone should try and listen to Ian Eagle and Jim Spanarkel (pictured above); they're truly a great tandem.
    • They feed off each other and I've always enjoyed listening to them, even when the Nets were a rival of the Celtics.
    • Included in the shenanigans for Spanarkel tonight was a segment where he danced with Nets cheerleaders and then where he also danced with the Nets senior citizen cheerleaders.  When Brian Scalabrine danced after a late Bill Walker dunk, Eagle mentioned him having a danceoff with Spanarkel.  Jim mentioned it'd be better if he still had his mustache from his playing days.
    • Jim's father worked for Kelloggs for a long time, and they explained how he's had a propensity to enjoy cereal over the years.  In fact Jim likes cereal for dinner- he mentioned probably eating raisin bran when he got home tonight.
    • Jim also held the record for most home runs in NJ little league for a long time.  It was broken 20 years ago.
  • For the record has anyone ever seen Terrence Williams and 50 Cent in the same room?
  • I think Devin Harris is really overrated.  I don't like his game at all.  He's constantly throwing himself into defenders to draw fouls (him and Jarret Jack love to do that).  And he's not an all star.  Any team with an all star isn't 3-35 at any point.  Rajon always dominates him.
  • Anyone who thinks JR Giddens is even close to being a better offensive player than Bill Walker doesn't know a thing about basketball.
  • Perk's 5 blocks was ultra impressive tonight.
As you can see this game was all about Jim Spanarkel.  If you don't like my review, you should've watched it yourself.